Knowledge Assessment (KA02) Report is used to assess Engineering Skills to get New Zealand’s Skilled Migration. KA02 Report is also known as Knowledge Assessment Report. Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand (IPENZ) is the Assessing Authority.

To get New Zealand’s skilled migration Engineers needs to demonstrate their technical and managerial skills through IPENZ. Engineers from all the major department are encouraged to apply for immigration to New Zealand. IPENZ is a regulatory body for Engineers New Zealand. KA02 form helps IPENZ to assess the skills of Engineers applying for immigration.

Engineers are required to provide details of their Four Engineering Projects to demonstrate their technical skills in the best possible manner. Engineering projects can be related to work or studies. To prepare the IPENZ KA02 report or form we require details of your four projects and detailed resume. By answering our Questionnaire you will provide the required details about your engineering projects. While answering the Questionnaires, Engineers must be careful and only add helpful data.

KA02 Services

KA02 Samples

Samples of KA02 reports are available at very reasonable prices for those engineers who wants to see the guidelines to prepare their own report and have sufficient time, report writing skills, and completely understands the criteria or the requirements.

KA02 Review

KA02 Review Service is for those Engineering Professionals who have already written their report and want an expert opinion and suggestions to improve the quality of their report. Our Preliminary Review is Free of Cost. Nominal fee is charged for complete Technical Review of KA02 Report .

KA02 Writing

KA02 report writing service is available at very economical price. We get zero percent rejection because there is no plagiarism in our knowledge Assessment Reports (02) and they are written by experienced Engineering Professionals. After extensive research we have developed a Questionnaire to get the required information from the Engineers to prepare up to the mark KA02 report. Get your KA02 Report by contacting;