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A – We only offer advice in the preparation and review of Skill Assessment reports and don’t bear any responsibility if the report will be rejected or if your qualification will not be positively assessed by using any of our product or service.

B – CDR & KA02 preparation is your own work, as we do not prepare Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) or Knowledge Assessment Report (KA02) but our role is to help our customers to organise the required information and present it in the right report format.  CDR & K02 examples or samples are available to help customers to develop know how about the CDR & kA02 format, as a drafting guideline, and they are generic in nature.

C – KA02 & CDR samples should only be used to develop your own KA02 & CDR without copying any part from sample. KA02 & CDR samples are not for resale or to use for qualification assessment.

D – We will modify the CDR or KA02 Report (in the same Fee) in case any objection will be raised on the Quality of the report by the assessing authority.

E – Customers don’t have any right of refund or cancellation of purchased product or service. If such situation will arise, then we will resolve the matter by individually assessing the case.

F – reserves the right to cease or cancel any order without prior notice or cause and you agree that we will not be liable to you or any third party in doing so.

G – It is customer’s responsibility to respond to our emails timely and if they fail to do so, then delay is most probable and we will not be responsible to deliver the work on time.

H – Draft documents will be modified once for free of cost, if the comments will be sent within three days of delivery. Modification of any comments will be charged to the customers accordingly.

I – Customer can terminate or cancel any order within seven days of the initiation of the project but we will deduct the cost consumed on efforts and resources used and all the material and information will be the property of

J – The time period for the completion of any report starts after receiving the complete answers of the questionnaires.

K – We reserve the right to cancel or cease the service/ order, if the customer;

  • Will not provide enough information that is required to develop any document about their personal projects or work experience (e.g. CEs, SS, CPD, etc.)
  • Will not respond by email within one week
  • Will not be able to pay the full amount of any service/ product purchased
  • Will not provide with exact ANZSCO Codes or classification of assessment (e.g. Engineering Professional/ Technologist/ Associate/ Manager)

L – Maximum duration of project is only 2 months and if the client/ customer will delay in providing required information more than Two months then Project will be terminated.